When should a transmission be serviced



When should I service my transmission


Your car’s transmission is an essential and pretty expensive piece of equipment. It’s important to keep your transmissions filter clean because it is your vehicles first line of defense in keeping contaminants out of your transmission fluid. This is why most manufacturers recommend having your vehicle serviced (changing your transmission fluid, transmission filter, and transmission pan gasket) every 30,000 miles or two years.

Most important signs that your transmission fluid and filter should be changed

  • You begin to experience issues changing gears: If you notice a hesitation when you are changing gears, a sudden surge in power when you shift, or perhaps can’t change gears at all in all likelihood there is a problem with your transmission. While it could be a major problem it also might be just a faulty or clogged transmission filter or a fluid issue.


  • You hear a rattling noise: If you begin to hear a rattling noise that you can’t locate the source to there may be a problem with your transmissions filter. The filter may have come loose and needs to be tightened or it may be full of debris that need to be removed with a transmission filter change.


  • Transmission contamination: Your vehicle’s transmission filter is designed to keep contaminants out of your transmission’s fluid. When it fails your transmission fluid will begin to look dirty and possibly even has tiny metal shavings in it. If the contamination isn’t caught early it may lead to your fluid beginning to burn and eventually leading to a costly transmission rebuild. Also, if you happen to get water or another contaminant added to your transmission accidentally you should not drive the vehicle and have it taken in to be flushed and serviced. You can help yourself avoid a costly repair by checking your transmission fluid regularly. You should make sure it is at the proper level and looks clean (not a dark color).


  • Your transmission is leaking: Transmission fluid is red in color and is pretty noticeable below your vehicle. There are a lot of seals and gaskets in your transmission and if they are leaking they need to be repaired. Low transmission fluid will destroy your vehicle’s transmission fairly quickly. Many times the leaks are from the transmission oil pan. A quick service which replaces the pan gasket, transmission filter and fluid should do the job and stop the leak. Even if the leak is coming from another area that requires a seal you should still get your filter replaced while the mechanics are working on it. This will save you from having to pay later to have it serviced.


  • When you drive your car there is a burning smell: A burning smell or even smoke can indicate that there is a problem with your transmission. This should be something you have a professional look into immediately.

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