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Rebuilt Transmission Specialists

Family owned and operated since 1987. We strive to do quality work at a fair price. Bring your car to Harold's Sons and we'll get the job done right the very first time. Harold's Sons has a 5 star BBB rating. Harold's Sons also offers full-service automobile repair. We do engines, brakes and just about any other repair your car needs.

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Transmission Services:

Automatic Transmissions

Harolds Son's transmission specializes in rebuilding automatic transmissions and we have qualified transmission rebuilders on staff to get your transmission rebuilt as fast as possible.

Standard Transmissions

Harold's Son's can you rebuild your standard transmission quickly and we can do the job right the very first time. From tractor to automobile if it has a transmission we can rebuild it.

Diagnostic Scanning

Harolds Sons has all the latest diagnostic scanning equipment in order to deduce what's wrong with your vehicle. If your check engine light is on please bring in for a diagnostic troubleshooting scan.

Transmission Service

Harolds Sons can service your transmission with a pan drop or we also offer the latest technology in transmission servicing the "Total Flush". This machine replaces ALL the transmission fluid in your vehicles transmission & torque converter.

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